Monday, December 21, 2009

David Lynch's Favorite Sandwiches

Photo by Justin Hoff

So, I met David Lynch when he was in New York for a speaking engagement with the Hudson Society. And we talked a bit. And then he listed his top five favorite sandwiches for me. And then I ended up writing about it on And, well, the rest is history.

(Btw, that's me on sitting on the far left, with another reporter next to me, David Lynch and David's friend, who is conspicuously checking his Blackberry.)


Pop Cultural Anthropologist said...

Man, you are one lucky person. I am really jealous:)

I "practised" TM for 5 years (not by choice), and so I am fascinated by Lynch's endorsement of it. I am certainly looking forward to his upcoming documentary. Check out what I wrote about T.M.:

A couple of questions: In interviews on TV, he seems really down to earth. Did he come off that way to you? I guess he would have if sandwiches were the topic of discussion. Also - why is the rest of the room empty?

BTW - you look really stylish in the photo, which I guess is kind of appropriate considering your other blog.

Kathleen said...


Raquel Laneri said...

Thanks for the link, PCA. It was interesting.

As to your questions, he was incredibly down-to-earth. He just seemed like your typical, nice, normal Midwesterner. The room is empty b/c he was giving a speech on another floor, but another reporter from NY mag and some photographers met up with him beforehand in this room to talk to him.

And thanks! That is my favorite jacket I'm wearing.