Saturday, June 20, 2009

Mon Chéri!

Since I am an unabashed lover of trashy period melodramas, I am very excited for Chéri, Stephen Frears' adaptation of a Colette novel about a courtesan who has an affair with a younger man--the film comes out in New York next week.

There are several reasons why Chéri can't be anything BUT awesome. First, it is based on a Colette novel. Second, it reunites Frears with Michelle Pfeiffer--the two had previously worked together in quite possibly the creme of the trashy-period-melodrama crop, Dangerous Liaisons. Third, the CLOTHES (love Rupert Friend's burgundy velvet jacket and Pfeiffer's high-necked cream lace and silk dress). Fourth, I have a soft spot for Belle Époque France (actually, I am a fan of most periods French).

In summation, this film was basically made for me. Can't wait till next weekend!

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